Hot NewsAutomatic Bundling & Bagging machine for PVC Trunking

For packing 3.8 meter trunking, the packing and bagging cycle of each bundle is less than 1 minutes.The two adjacent lines can be designed and packed in the form of “face-to-face”, which is convenient for one person to operate two machines at the same time.
11-132018Enterprise News
10-262018Enterprise News

【110MM-1200MM HDPE Water Supply Pipe Project】——Cases Sharing

The HDPE water supply pipe project with specifications ranging from 110MM to 1200MM,equipped with an efficient and energy-saving mainframe of screw L/D ratio 40 series,and unique synchronous servo control hauling system with one drive control multi motors solution , 1:100 ultra wide speed range, ensure the production stability of equipment in specifications and speed span,high yield.Using the all dust free swarfless cutting mechanism, the maximum thickness of the pipe is up to 100MM.
08-272018Enterprise News

Bundling&Bagging(Spiral Head)Packing Machine

The bundling&bagging packing machine occupies less field of production line.Stretching film,bagging film,material pushing and stacking is all controlled by servo which is precise and stable.When change the length,the program will automatically and precisely calculate each position without manual input and calibration.
08-312018Enterprise News

LSP-800 HDPE Pipe Production Line

Equip with 40D series of high efficiency single screw extruder,highly efficient, stable and good manipulation. Internal layer extrusion equips with LSS80-40D, outer layer extrusion equips with LSS50-40D: extrusion output up to 1200kg/h, optimized screw structure to make the material plasticized and fully mixed,and the mechanical energy is reasonably converted to heat energy, output is linear and stable.
07-122018Enterprise News

【Powder Central Control Automatic Mixing And Feeding System Project】——Case Sharing

Liansu Machinery is committed to building a central control automatic mixing and feeding system to reduce labor costs, improve product quality, improve production management efficiency, and provide a better working environment.
07-072018Enterprise News

【Full Automatic Packing Project for Plastic Pipes】——Small diameter pipe packing case sharing

From 2015, the Liansu Machinery has been produced more than 300 on-line packing equipment to the market for operation, and realized the online packing of small size single pipe, dual-pipe and four-pipe production line, provided various packing methods for customers.
07-042018Enterprise News

【Full Automatic Packing Project for Plastic Pipes】——Large diameter pipe packing case sharing

From 2016, more than 100 drainage online packing equipment have been put into market for operation to realize the single pipe with diameter 75~200 online packing, and the quality control, handling stability, and machine occupation before packing are optimized according to the actual needs of the users.
06-282018Enterprise News

【Centralized Auto Feeding System For Granules】---Cases Sharing

A complete set of automatic chemical plant customized by Liansu Machinery, including the storage of raw materials, the delivery of material, the weight and the mixing of the material, and the automatic delivery of the mixture to the production of the extruder.
10-232017Enterprise News

LSP-800PVC pipe production line

95 twin conical screw extruder, guarantee high output and excellent plasticizing effect; Die head adopts bracket structure so as to ensure the plasticizing effect; Vacuum tank adopts double chamber structure, double water pump water cooling system, quick forming, saving commissioning time; Adopt eight caterpillar haul-off unit, use four caterpillar clamping when produce small pipe, energy-saving; Planetary cutting, adopts multi-point pneumatic clamping structure, fastening the PVC pipe, stable cutting, better sealing and effective swarf suction.
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